Study in Germany

Why Choose Study in Germany?

Study in Germany comes as a natural option for students who want an all round experience of study abroad. Study in Germany provides options not only in top ranking public universities but also free education opportunities. Yes, Germany has a free education policy for all international students in their public sector universities.

Moreover, education in Germany provides higher job opportunities as it is a technological hub of the European Union. Engineering and IT companies in Germany provide the highest jobs in the EU. Apart from jobs and studies, Germany provides a decent and affordable lifestyle for international students. Compared to other top EU countries, living costs in Germany are quite low. 

International students do not have to have a prior knowledge of German language in order to get admission in German universities. But yes, if you are considering taking further education in Germany, IELTS is a must if you want to enrol in a public university. Though German language proficiency is not required by the universities, local German Missions or Embassy/Consulates do require you to have a basic knowledge of German language.

Documents Required to Apply for Admissions in German Universities

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs - Bachelor's and Master's Degree:

  • Transcripts or records of grades (high school and/or university)
  • Résumé/CV
  • Test scores (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT)
  • Proof of English-language proficiency - IELTS, PTE, etc.
  • Motivation letter or statement of purpose
  • Application fee (uni-assist portal only)
  • Passport photocopy

All documents must be legalised by local Germany Embassy/Consulate.

Documents Required for Germany Student Visa

  • A valid passport that is valid for at least six months
  • National D visa application form filled and duly signed
  • Your photograph in the requested format, and number

Some additional documents that might be required include:

  • Academic preparation documents such as transcripts, diplomas, degrees or certificates
  • A confirmed offer from the University in Germany
  • IELTS score card if studying in English language
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to maintain your living expenses throughout the period of your stay in Germany which can only be shown by opening a Germany Student Blocked Account with at least Euro 10,332
  • Evidence of completed Germany Language Proficiency Test with at least A1 


You may also have to appear for a personal interview at the US embassy or consulate. 

Intakes in German Universities

  • October: Deadline July 15
  • August: Deadline January 15

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