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In recent years, Study in France has been on the list of most desired study abroad destinations for many. The active efforts from the French government and institutions alike have made France one of the most preferred countries for international students. More than 30 of the universities in France are listed in the QS World Rankings as of 2020. Before we move onto education in France, here are some things you should know about the country:

France, which has existed in its present shape since the fifteenth century, is Europe’s most seasoned and one of the biggest countries. It is a pioneer in scholarly patterns, expressive arts, design, and food. France is likewise the world’s fourth-wealthiest nation and Europe’s leading rural maker.

Top Reasons to Study in France

More and more students are attracted to study in France because of the quality of privately run business and engineering schools. These schools provide top quality education along with practical knowledge. Internships are a mandatory part of their curriculum. Getting paid internships and learning on the job gives huge exposure to students in their subjects of interest. This in-turn help them getting a full time jobs in their own field of education right after graduation.

Almost all the programs are available in English to cater greater number of international student who often do not know French language. Greater diversity in student population has led to bring up more programs in English language to help students learn their subjects with ease. French language is also taught in their schools and colleges as extra classes and most of them are free to join. 

French Business and Engineering Schools are providing programs with internship as part of the course. To get an internship, students need to be more focused in their studies from day one. Colleges help students give good references to the companies and business where students want to do their internships. But most of the time students have to apply for their internships themselves. It is not hard to get an internship in France and in nearby EU states. You can go and do internships in other EU countries as well.

Paid internships provide great opportunity to learn wider aspects of your program on the job and in real world scenarios. This opportunity help International students apply their class room knowledge into problem solving practical cases. This helps them gain some important skills of working in real jobs. With this hands on work experience along with a good degree certificate, international students  find it easy landing good full time jobs in their own field of education.

Yes, you heard it right. No French and no English language test required. Most of the colleges in France provide admissions without IELTS to international students. But this doesn’t mean English language skill is not evaluated during admission process. All the schools in France take video interviews of international students before giving confirmed offers of their programs. This helps school to evaluate candidate’s language skills by directly interacting with them. And students can also ask any questions they want to the school if they have any doubts. This two way communication helps both the parties in knowing each other well and a simple conversation can decide if you understand and speak English well enough or not.

A good diplomatic relations between any two countries help their citizens in many ways. Especially in education sector. One such bilateral agreement is signed by both the countries. With this agreement governments of both the countries will recognise degrees and school certificates earned from government approved institutions without having them verified or apostilled. This helps students in easy admission process.

International students in France from India gets at least 2 years after their graduation, a temporary visa to find job in their own field of education. Most of the students manage to get full time offer right after their internships. But if someone doesn’t find a job straight after internship, they can apply for this temporary visa and stay in France to look for a job.

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