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How We Do It

We take time in counselling students in order to find out exactly what they are capable of and what are their needs. We suggest programs accordingly. We provide top class study abroad services to students and universities.

Career Counselling
Rosslyn Consultants aims to nurture you through the challenges in your career. Our qualified professionals could help you know your core personality and understand yourself helping you cope with environmental challenges. Your counsellor can also help widen your perspective by identifying possibilities and choices available to keep you on the right track in career and life decisions.
Course Selection
We fulfil student’s requirement by providing them number of options available. We always believe to suggest students all the options so they can make a satisfactory choice of the subject they want to study.
Admission Assistance

Our experts provide admission guidance based on student’s profile, area of interest, academic scores, test scores, financial budgets and preferred location etc. They give you full information about the ranking and opportunities so that you make an informed decision while selecting the right university for you.

Scholarship Guidance

Rosslyn Consultants have set up unique resources to give a step by step guidance for the entire process. Our systemised approach and a network with universities help students to be successful in their scholarship applications.

Visa Assistance
With Rosslyn Consultants, applying for a student visa is never complicated. Our dedicated team is familiar with student visa applications and will offer assistance and advice for all your enquiries.
Education Loan

We help you connect to the bank and financial institutions which can help you get the education loan for your studies. Our experts can also guide you with the documentations and requirements for getting education loan.

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